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How much do you know about the English language?

Try and and answer the questions before you click the links:

Is English the best international language?

  • Think about these questions:
English is now the international language of business, culture, politics, medicine etc. Think about these questions:
  • Why is English the international language in so many fields?
  • Is English the easiest language to learn and use?
  • Do we need a new universal language?
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How did Shakespeare change the English language?

William Shakespeare is the most important writer in English. Think about these questions:
  • Which plays did Shakespeare write?
  • Which words and phrases do we now use because of Shakespeare?
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How important was the Bible for the English language?

Translating the Bible into English brought many new words and phrases into common use:
Do you know any words, phrases or idioms from the Bible?

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: The Bible and English

How much do you know about irregular verbs?

  • Many English language students do not like irregular verbs. But all languages have them.
  • Think about these questions:
  • Are there a lot of irregular verbs in English?
  • Are they used a lot?
  • What are the ten most commonly used verbs in English? What do they share in common?
  • Why do think there regular and irregular verbs in every language?
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Irregular Verb Crossword
Irregular Verbs (print version)
Answers (print)

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