for English language learners
Upper Intermediate by Kieran McGovern

A man in Mexico kept 98 crocodiles in his six small swimming pools. Some were two metres long.

Crocodiles do have their uses. Nobody is going to steal that Mexican guy’s pool furniture. And he can make some great shoes.

Food costs are a problem. You can
economise by throwing a ball into the water for Rover to chase. Or encourage annoying family members to take up swimming. But you do need a big family.

Perhaps Not

A crocodile will impress your neighbours but it’s not quite the perfect pet. You can’t stroke it while sitting on the sofa, for example. Nor is it a practical option for a 14th floor apartment. No reptile is truly happy living behind the shower curtain.

At least crocodiles don’t lick you – they can’t move their tongues. They can move their jaws around you, though. To escape, push your thumbs down directly into his eyes.

Doesn’t sound much fun? Perhaps cats and dogs are popular for a good reason.

A man smuggles iguanas in his false leg