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Strange News

lawn chair

I've just posted a new strange news story: man flies in a lawn chair. It's accompanied by a video and some activities and should be a lot of fun. One word of warning - the life story of the central character ends tragically with his suicide, which was largely unrelated to the events described.
I wasn't quite sure how to deal with this and a similar scenario in
Lightning Strikes. To ignore it (as I did with LS) seems disrespectful but so does a casual mention at the end. Advice welcomed.
I've also finished re-editing
Raining Cows, which now has an accompanying video news clip. I've switched to present tense narration for greater immediacy and ease of comprehension.

Strange News

The Strange News/Did that really happen? section of the site is particularly suitable for classroom use. It's based on a series I wrote in 2007/8 for Ming Pao Daily and consists of short (200-400 word) articles on bizarre topics. A titles should give a flavour: $64 Million Trousers, Elevator Ordeal, Flying Monkey

Most of the stories are true or partly true. A few are invented. The initial hook is to reader try and spot the false stories, though the old adage about truth being stranger than fiction very much applies.

There are accompanying activities and some watching/listening activities.